Upcoming Events

Download our August recreation calendar for more exciting events!

Don’t Miss These:

Crafting at Hospitality 

We are excited to host a creative program where we craft whales out of flower pots! Join us on Wednesday, August 16th for this recreational event!

Summer Carnival  

Hospitality Center will co-host a Summer carnival alongside sister community, Harmony Center in Xenia! Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, August 26th at noon. There will be great prizes, snacks and games! 

Let’s Take a Trip to Mexico!

This month’s “Destination Vacation” will be a trip to Mexico! Be sure to bring your passports as we will be flying out on Wednesday, August 30th. Each month our community travels to a distant land to provide our residents with an opportunity to learn about different cultures, customs and ways of daily life.

There will be a themed photo booth and festive treats!