Case Study: Hospitality Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (January 2017)

Patients Age: 52
Admission Date: 11/21/2016
Admitted From: Greene Memorial Hospital
Discharge Date: 1/13/17
Discharged To: Home with Kettering Home Health Care
Length of Stay: 54 days (1 month 24 days)
Reason for Stay: Knee injury during fall
How did this patient hear about Hospitality? Greene Memorial Hospital recommendation

Details of Experience:

Monte was admitted to Hospitality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on November 21st, 2016 in result of a fall that injured both knees. When he first arrived to Hospitality, he was unable to walk or move his legs. He also required extensive assistance with daily activities and transferring from his bed to his wheelchair. In addition he suffered from both respiratory and renal complications. When asked of his goals for therapy, he replied, “Strength to be able to push my wheelchair and use the walker.”

He was independently walking prior to his fall and wanted to regain his strength. Monte received physical and occupational therapy during his stay, where he received physical therapy daily. His therapists worked to build his strength and increase his endurance. To enhance physical endurance, the therapy team offered upper extremity arm exercises and balance skills. One of his therapists, Rodney, shared, “The bike really helped because it normalized his legs and got them moving. He was very motivated and goal-oriented. It really helps us when we receive patients that really want to get better and have that drive.”

When evaluating his experience with therapy Monte shared, “I enjoy therapy. I have been working on my strength. I’m happy with the progress I have made in my leg.” He also rated his overall stay as a “10”, saying, “The nursing staff has been really good. The food is very good here as well.” Before discharge, the staff was able to regulate his renal complications through a well-balanced diet.

Monte arrived with the inability to move in and out of his wheelchair. Once he was able to discharge from Hospitality, he was able to walk independently with a walker and had met and exceeded his therapy goals according to his physical therapist! He was discharged home with follow-up assistance provided by Kettering Home Health on January 13th, 2017.