“You have a good group of workers. Many of them still remember me from the last time I was here. This is a nice place to be if you need the care.” – Linda W.

“I like working with everyone here. They are all very caring and try to take their time to listen to all the patients. They are ready to drop what they are doing to assist others.” – Ruth (COTA-L)

“Everything [is] pretty well here. The food was good and the therapy was great. The nurses were all great but Nikki was excellent.” – Larry D.

“The staff here is very polite and professional. It’s very refreshing. I couldn’t ask for better nurses, on all shifts.” – Ed L.

“I enjoy getting the residents together for activities. If they don’t participate a lot, I like encouraging them to try new things. The people who live here are inspirational and I learn a lot from them.” – Marshay, Activities Assistant

“Therapy is good. I am happy with my progress so far.”
– Monte S.

“I give my stay a 10/10. Everything is really good here and the food is excellent. I picked the right place.” – Helen G.

“The nursing care here is great. Everybody has been helpful. The visiting hours are very flexible which has been great since my daughter works late.” – Doris. M

“I really like going to therapy. They are hilarious and there is always a cheerful attitude there, which I think really helps.” – M. Johnson

“I love it here. Nice people who help anyway they can. I loved therapy when I was here last year.”
– Camden F.

“I like the fact that whenever I needed anything, they were able to help me. It’s a friendly and secure atmosphere. Everyone was watching out for my best interest.” – Jean S.

“I look forward to therapy. It’s good exercise.” – Wayne F.

“It’s been good working with everyone here. Everyone is really nice. They [therapy] have been working with me really well.” – Dan S.

“The food is very good here.” – M. Smallwood

“The nurses are wonderful and the food has been pretty good. The chicken was great.” – Carol K.

“I loved the beef vegetable soup we had today. I love the food here. I have been pleasantly surprised by this place and how nice it is.” – William C.

“Everyone has been very helpful. Everyone went out of their way with acknowledgment, care, and empathy. Motivated mom and made her day. Thank you.” – Daughter of resident Diane H.

“The employees here show positive attitudes. The help and support that you get is positive.” – Joyce. B

“The food is good. They make the best potato salad, baked beans, and bean soup here.” – B. Johnson

“The activities they have here and the Activity staff are great. Cheryl always comes up to me and gives me a hug.” – G. Berry

“I like therapy. They make me laugh. They make me feel good.” – B. Hall

“Activities are great. I love when they have outings. I loved getting to go to Dollar General.”
– Julie A.

“The kitchen staff are great. If there is something on the menu I didn’t like, they would fix me something else.” – Gloria M.

“I love that they paint our nails. It’s one of the best services they have here. It means so much.”
– Nancy H.

“Amanda is really good at helping strengthen my arms and legs.” – Gloria M.

“Therapy has been great. I go every day and do the best that I can. It has lived up to its hype and recommendation.” – Joyce B.

“I like it here. It has always been a success.” – B. Durr

“There are many nurses here that have gone above and beyond. Brandy and Cynthia are awesome.” – B. Johnson

“Therapy does an amazing job. My arms and legs are stronger. They make it fun and it helps you to want to get better. I think it’s amazing that everyone here gets some kind of therapy.” – Brandy J.

“Aaron on night shift has been awesome. He’s on it and is a great employee.” – G. Berry

“They have very good therapy here. I would say it’s the brightest service here. Great therapists.” – Jack L.

“The nurses are very good. They are very helpful.” – T. Chrysler

“The nursing staff here could not be better. They are good, always smiling, very friendly.” – B. Johnson

“I’m really improving and doing well in therapy. Rodney is great. He has your best interest at heart.”
– B. Johnson

“The nurses are awesome. Pam and Christel take good care of me.” – G. Berry

(regarding therapy) “It’s great. I’m suprising them [therapy team] all the time. I am able to walk farther each time.” – G. Berry

“The food here is good. I’ve liked everything they have given me so far.” – Jack L.

“I’ve been doing more and meeting new people. I feel like I can be myself here. Everybody here is awesome.” – Mary B.

“One of the reasons why I like this place is that the nurses can joke around with you. They try to help you. I’d give them all an A+.” – B. Askew

“The nurses and aids have been awesome. They are very nice. Physical therapy is also going good. I’ve been able to stand up next to my bed now. The therapists are good. They get me working hard.” – G. Berry

“I haven’t met a person here I haven’t liked yet.” -C. Cavandar

“My therapist is great. She takes good care of me.” – C. Vernon

“I like the people here. There are a lot of good patients nurses, aids, and therapists.” – C. Long

“Any service Hospitality has is above and beyond.” – R. Leighly

“They have good meals. It’s like a chef fixing it. The food has helped to heal me.” – F. Sweeney

“I love the staff and everything. They get you anything you need. It’s a nice home away from home.” –
R. Leighly

“A big thing with food is presentation and they do that well here.” – R. Brown

“My stay here is excellent. People like this place. It’s above all the others.” – R. Leighly

“It’s been good. It’s been working my heart and I can tell my heart is healing. I have learned really quickly to listen to the staff because they know what they are doing. If it wasn’t for therapy, I wouldn’t be as far as I am now. My wife isn’t worried because she knows I’m in good hands. It’s a beautiful journey. I’ve come so far in 10 days.” – F. Sweeney

“Therapy has been good. They push you but in a way that is encouraging and uplifting. Even if you can’t do as much as they want, they are encouraging and will say, ‘It’s okay. You’ll get it next time.’ It motivates you.” – M. Kuhner

“What else would anyone else want? You have everything I would need. It’s a very nice facility. I feel very fortunate to have selected this place.” -F. Sweeney

“So far it’s been a really good experience. You guys are all awesome.” -M. Kuhner

“Therapy is great. My neck would be in bad shape if it wasn’t for Gretchen.” -H. Loveless

“They have me up and I did some therapy, they say they will get me walking. I like Rob a lot. He had been working with me at home.” – C. Long

“I couldn’t ask for better people. They are sweet and they take their time with me.” M. Kuhner, on the nursing staff

“I like my room. They provide me with everything. I don’t want to leave.” – E. Wallen

“They are wonderful. They are always pleasant and upbeat.” – B. Bradfute, on the nursing staff

“I love it here. I love all the nurses!” – C. Flint

“I’m impressed by the cleanliness of the facility. The the atmosphere here is light and happy.” – P. Adams

“This place has made my stay. It’s better than most places. I wouldn’t be as well as I am. You guys have all been great.” – C. Farley

“They [the nurses] are perfect. I love them. They are all so nice. That’s why I came back here. They asked me where I wanted to go and I knew I had to come to this place.” – S. Dice

“I have been to all the group activities and I’ve had a lot of fun. They help me out with Bingo and I love trivia. The ladies do a great job with activities.” – E. Beard

“It’s wonderful. It gets you back to your normal self.” – J. Rice

“They (nursing staff) are great. The staff at B Station is most excellent.” – P. Adams

“The physical therapy staff couldn’t be any better. I wouldn’t be as far along without them. I’m glad I decided to come here.” – W. Harrold

“I haven’t met anyone in here I didn’t like.” – C. Farley

“It’s been positive. I’ve had good care from everybody. They have all been nice to me.” – R. Mault

“They (Activities department) are pretty cool. We are going to a movie soon.” – B. Roush

“It’s really nice. The place is really pretty. One thing I’ve always liked is that it stays clean.” – W. Harrold

“They are good at rehab here. They make it fun so it doesn’t feel like work.” – A. Banks

“It’s good. Once they realized I wasn’t as weak as they thought I was, they challenged me more and I was happy with that.” – R. Oemisch

“The therapy department is wonderful. They do as much as they can and are very thorough.” – K. Miller

“The staff has been so hospitable and unconditional in accepting and caring for me.” – K. Palm

“The food is excellent. One time I mentioned I liked fish, and then they gave me a really nice fish meal that wasn’t just the filet.” – K. Palm

“Awesome rehab team. I came in with a sling and now I don’t need one because of them. I wouldn’t be independent without them. They are awesome.” – D. Sewell

“It’s good. Once they realized I wasn’t as weak as they thought I was, they challenged me more and I was happy with that.” R. Oemisch, speaking on rehabilitation

“They are good at rehab here. They make it fun so it doesn’t feel like work.” – A. Banks

“The food is excellent. One time I mentioned I liked fish, and then they gave me a really nice fish meal that wasn’t just the filet.” – K. Palm

“Awesome rehab team. I came in with a sling and now I don’t need one because of them. I wouldn’t be independent without them. They are awesome.” – D. Sewell

“The therapy department is wonderful. They are very thorough.” – K. Miller

“The staff has been so hospitable and unconditional in accepting and caring for me.” – K. Palm

“I am completely satisfied with the care that my mother has received since arriving at Hospitality. Everyone has been very attentive to her needs.”
– B. Black

“The only problem with such a friendly staff is that I never want to leave!”
– M. Hahn

“I give this place a 10 out of 10! I’d give it an 11 if I could.”
– N. Robinson

“I just love the residents! This is their home, so when I speak to them, I treat them as if I am a guest In their house.” – S. McCoy

“I’ve always had a good experience with the staff at Hospitality. It feels like family here.”
– W. Hayslip

“The admissions process was as smooth as can be!” – C. Flint

“The staffing here is good. The nurses and aides are real good as well. They have always been polite to me and got me whatever I needed. The therapy here… oh they’re excellent; the best! They really take the time to really help me. Therapy was real good the last time I was here. If I had to go somewhere for rehab it would be here no doubt.”
– C. Stollings

“They took good care of me here. If I ever have to go somewhere like this, it would be Hospitality. Therapy was also good. The nurses have been well and they always get me what I need with also being friendly at the same time.”
– N. Littler

“Everybody is great! No complaints at all. I would recommend this place to my family especially. I’m actually trying to get my dad to get therapy here. Therapy is really helping me since my stroke. I feel so much better.”
– T. Younker

“A ten out of ten! Therapy is doing real good with me and pushing my limits. I think I’m healing since my surgery. I feel no pain. I would recommend to all!”
– M. Downs

“Everyone was real great. The therapy team really helped me. The clinical team was excellent in responding to my requests. The overall stay here was beneficial to my health.”
– E. Cyphers

“I really enjoy everything. I like that I can talk to anyone here. The food here is great! The staff here really helps you. I would recommend Hospitality to my very own family!”
– M. Downs

“Rob has been my physical therapist since I came here in the beginning of April. I couldn’t walk let alone do smaller things like stand. He has been a great therapist who has helped me. He’s a great friend.”
– S. Gilbert

“Felecia McCombs, LPN has helped TREMENDOUSLY with Dan. She is a JOY!”
– D. Cappucci

“I have no improvements to offer. The nurses are all real good and I have noticed a big improvement since I was here last. The food is good and my therapy is going well. Thank you for bringing me the Starbucks coffee and always having a smile on your face. The staff here is just super!”
– W. Pantle

“Gretchen was a ray of sunshine today and every day! I don’t know what I would have done without her love and support for the long time that I was here for therapy. Her help in rehab was absolutely wonderful!”
– D. Hornick

“Marlene is great! I couldn’t have asked for a better nurse. The food is good here and the social worker was great! She really helped me get back home and set up all I needed to get back there.”
– D. Morgan

“Everyone here are all special. If I ever had any questions, I got answers right away. I would recommend Hospitality to anyone. The nurses are great and have a good sense of humor. The therapy here is beautiful. I have no problems whatsoever with this place.”
– L. Steward

“I think the staff is very efficient. They don’t waste any time. They’re taking great care of me. I would give Hospitality high rankings.”
– R. Schwartz

“Generally, the whole staff here at Hospitality are very good. The rehab team is very excellent. They all helped me get back to my health before the surgery and they put forth a great effort. Gretchen, my usual therapist, is great!”
– R. Scott

“I’ve had a wonderful stay. The staff have been overextending with my care. The accommodations are great. I have not been disappointed here. This would be the place to come to for anyone needing nursing care. Thank you!”
– D. Hornick

“Everything’s fine here. The nurses are all very nice. My stay has been good overall. I would recommend Hospitality. The staff are really good!”
– D. Pitzer